New Retrovirology Editorial Board members 2008

With the start of 2008, we welcome new Retrovirology editorial board members Frank Kirchhoff ,  Jennifer Nyborg,   Akifumi Takaori,  Truus Abbink, Paul Gorry,

David Harrich, David Brighty, Jean-Michel Mesnard, Alan Cochrane, Yiming Shao, and Vinayaka Prasad.  We thank departing members, Stephen Lodmell, James Hildreth, Serge Benichou, Jonathan Silver,Louis Mansky, Yoshio Koyanagi,  A.T. Das, John Hiscott, Fabrizio Mammano, Olivier Bensaude, and  Tahir A. Rizvi, who have served the journal capably.   A full list of current Retrovirology editorial board members can be see at: .


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