Open Repository now part of the IRUS-UK program


We’re pleased to announce that all our UK client repositories are now able to participate in the IRUS-UK program. Our clients Chester  Anglia Ruskin Research Online, ARRO  TeesRep – Teesside University’s research collection are early adopters, with the University of Bedfordshire,University of Derby and Manchester Metropolitan University due to follow shortly.

IRUS-UK aggregates details of all content downloaded from participating UK repositories. It enables repositories to share download and usage statistics via the COUNTER standard. The aim is to compile and share a snapshot of UK repository usage, thereby aiding national repository advocacy.  You can read more about the IRUS-UK project at

We would like to thank the IRUS-UK team, particularly Paul Needham at Cranfield University, for his assistance in implementing IRUS within the Open Repository platform. We’d also like to thank our fellow DuraSpace Registered Service provider @Mire who developed the plug-in for the DSpace platform on behalf of the DSpace community.

James Evans, Product Manger, Open Repository.

Open Repository, DSpace

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