Barbara Moroni and Paolo Tizzani

Barbara is a PhD student at the Veterinary Science Department of the University of Turin, Italy. Her research interests include parasitology and wildlife eco-pathology, with a focus on epidemiology and control of major parasitic diseases in domestic animals and wildlife. She is passionate about wildlife parasitology since her postgraduate internship in Finland, where she spent one year of research on gastrointestinal parasites in reindeer, after finishing her MSc degree in Veterinary Medicine. Her current project is about molecular characterization of Sarcoptes scabiei in different mammal species.
Twitter: @Barbara_Mo_roni

Paolo Tizzani currently works at the World Animal Health Information and Analysis Department, World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). Paolo does research in Veterinary Medicine with a special focus on diseases in wildlife. His most recent publication is 'Gastroenteric parasite of wild Galliformes in the Italian Alps: implication for conservation management'. Paolo belongs to the European College of Zoological Medicine - Wildlife Population Health Diplomate.

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