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BioMed Central is an STM (Science, Technology and Medicine) publisher of peer-reviewed open access journals, which span all areas of biology, biomedicine and medicine.

Our blog network brings together news, opinion, and perspectives from our staff, our journal Editors, and many guest bloggers. Our six blogs aim to highlight the best in open access research, report on news in different fields, and offer insights into publishing, as well as discuss the day-to-day work and challenges faced by researchers today.

Our bloggers

Our five staff blogs (On Biology, On Medicine, On Health, BioMed Central blog, and BMC Series blog) are managed by our staff and many of the posts are also written by them. However, we also invite guest bloggers to write for these blogs, and so you will often see posts from people who aren’t BioMed Central staff. In these cases, their profiles will always make it clear who they are.

BugBitten is managed by Editors who are either part of, or have been recruited by, the Editorial Board of Parasites and Vectors. As with our staff blogs, the Editors write many of the posts, but also invite guest bloggers to write for them.

Our blogs

We have six blogs, covering all areas of biology, biomedicine, and medicine, as well as open access publishing.

On Biology

The On Biology blog covers the research published across BioMed Central’s biology journals, including titles such as Genome Biology and BMC Biology. It’s also a place to read discussions on conferences, insights into journal developments, and commentary on news in the field.

On Medicine

The On Medicine blog covers the research published across BioMed Central’s medical journals, including titles such as BMC Medicine and Genome Medicine. It’s also a place to read discussions of medical ethics and practices, insights into journal developments, and commentary on news in the field. In addition, we shine the light on issues relating to transparency and reproducibility at all stages of medical research.

On Health

The On Health blog covers research published across BioMed Central’s multidisciplinary selection of health sciences journals, from Reproductive Health to Particle and Fibre Toxicology. As well as writing about the research, this blog is a place to read discussions on conferences, insights into journal developments, and commentary on news in the field.

BioMed Central blog

The BioMed Central blog delivers insights and opinion on developments at BioMed Central and in the world of open access publishing. It’s also a place to read about peer review, new technological developments, and advice for researchers on navigating the publication of their work. We also share the thoughts of scientists on how research work is changing, and what that means for researchers today.

BMC Series blog

The BMC Series blog aims to highlight high-impact, thought-provoking research from across the BMC Series journals, covering everything from public health to ecology. There are also write-ups of conferences, discussions on journal developments and open access, and commentary on news in the world of research.


BugBitten began in October 2013 as a blog for the parasite and vector-borne diseases community; hosted by the journal Parasites and Vectors. The blog highlights and discuss the major developments in the field and provides a forum where expert opinions can be sought and educational advice provided.